Component to view a map of the project OpenStreetMap for Delphi and Builder C without using browser or scripts

View maps offline
Support for proxy servers for work online
Added to the map an unlimited number of layers, shapes and images
Multi-threaded loading tile map speeds up the process to download and view maps
Fast rendering
Saving the tiles in the cache
Support of developers adding new features

Latest news
23.01.2021: New build for XE10.3 and XE10.4
05.06.2017: New build for XE10.1 and XE10.2
19.06.2016: New build for XE10
30.07.2015: New build for XE7 and XE8
08.06.2015: Now VCL for Builder C
20.08.2013: Fix download tiles at method DownloadTiles
03.05.2012: Added the ability to use the property for the transparency of figures and images
01.04.2012: Optimized cache to load tiles from disk
20.02.2012: Faster loading map tiles
01.02.2012: Added the ability to download map tiles via a proxy server
01.01.2012: Start of the project StelMap